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Family Support Center
Where Lives Are Transformed

A joint project of the Imperial Heights Community Church and Pacific Southwest District Church of the Brethren based on the following statement: “We believe that as Christians we are committed to ‘non-violent peacemaking’ in the home, in communities, in the nation, and around the world’.

We feel strongly and are addressing pressing concerns within our community on issues such as:

  • Literacy
    • Seeking solutions through promoting literacy for both Children and Adults.
  • Violence
    • conflict education as an alternative to violent attitudes and acts.
  • Multiculturalism
    • Dialogue and interchange solutions toward multiculturalism breakdown.

Our aggressive efforts are towards a safe environment for all who desire to embrace the love and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We are actively involved in:

  • Community Outreach
  • Conflict Mediation / Resolution
  • Community Forums
  • Neighborhood Meetings

Keeping Youth Focused and Out of Trouble

Summer Employment / entrepreneurial opportunities

Educational Outreach

Board Meetings: (TBD)