Bible Study – Lesson #1

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Strength to Love – Study Questions

Questions:  Chapter One – A Tough Mind and a Tender Heart

Scripture:  Matthew 10:16

  1. Why do you think Dr. King used this scripture passage as a formula of action?
  2. Does the passage speak to the root of Dr. King’s passion?  If so, what is the passion?
  3. What’s your thought on the balance/blending of opposites?

Part I

  1. What is a tough mind?  Describe its characteristics.
  2. What is the need for a tough mind?
  3. Describe the contrast between tough mindedness vs soft mindedness?
  4. Describe the contrast between science and religion.  Why does Dr. King say they are complementary?
  5. According to Dr. King, how is soft mindedness related to race and prejudice?

Part II

  1. What are the characteristics of a tender heart?
  2. What is the greatest fault of hard heartedness?
  3. What is the good life?
  4. What is Dr. King’s point on Freedom and Justice?

Part II

  1. How does Dr. King describe non-violent resistance?
  2. How is God both tough minded and tenderhearted according to Dr. King.
  3. What is meant that the Lord is a God of justice?

What was your takeaway from this chapter?

Is this chapter relevant for today?

Do any other scriptures come to mind regarding this chapter?

What is your prayer request after this study?