Bible Study – Lesson #3

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Strength to Love – Study Questions

The most comprehensive, must-read narrative from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. addressing civil rights and social justice.

Book from Amazon: Strength to Love: Gift Edition Paperback – March 26, 2010

 Questions:  Chapter Four – Love in Action

Scripture:   Luke 23:34

  1. Why do you think Dr. King used this scripture passage?
  2. Explain the significant of “Then” in the passage.
  3. What’s your thought on Forgiveness, and is it in line with Dr. King’s view of Jesus?

Part I

  1. According to Dr. King, what are the two basic lessons from the biblical text?
  2. Explain the strength in love regarding forgiveness, matching words and action.
  3. Explain the dichotomy between the ought and the is in regard to war and peace.
  4. What is the essence of the dialog between Jesus and Peter in Luke 23?
  5. Expound on the moment of testing for Jesus.  Did He pass the test?
  6. What was the ultimate source for Jesus on the Cross?

Part II

  1. What is spiritual blindness and how does Dr. King relate it to Love in Action. (Positive or negative)
  2. Expand on the tragedy of blindness.
  3. How is race relations revealed in blindness?
  4. Does tribalism come into play regarding blindness.  (White supremacy, segregation)

Part III

  1. What is the danger in sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity?
  2. Why does Dr. King say the church has a moral responsibility to be intelligent?
  3. Explain the meaning of zeal without knowledge.

Is this chapter relevant for today?

Do any other scriptures come to mind regarding this chapter?

What is your prayer request after this study?