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Pastor Dowdy has a vision to be an effective communicator of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He has a deep passion to restore wholeness to individuals, families, and the neighborhood community through healing as directed by the Holy Spirit.  He encourages structured education along with community relations.  He strongly believes that the church has delegated authority to pull down community strongholds and advance the kingdom of God.

Pastor Dowdy reminded us that if we do not act, “we have outsourced the Great Commission to those who really don’t care about Jesus.” So, we are called by our faith to act, to attend to those wounded on the side of the road, to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and to stand by women at the well, and others who are oppressed and condemned.

Pastor Dowdy is family rooted and hopes to keep that vision aglow while pastor of IHCCoB.  Part of the vision is, to see a whole neighborhood community enjoying one another in a peaceful atmosphere.