Bible Study – Lesson #2

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Strength to Love – Study Questions

Questions:  Chapter Three – On Being A Good Neighbor

Scripture:   Luke 10:29

  1. Why do you think Dr. King used this scripture passage?
  2. Does the passage speak to the root of Dr. King’s passion?  If so, what is the passion?
  3. What’s your thought on the being a “Good Neighbor”
  4. Explain altruism.

Part I

  1. What is universal altruism.
  2. Is universal altruism necessary today?  Explain.
  3. What was Dr. King’s point on tribalism?

Part II

  1. Describe dangerous altruism.
  2. How does this play into our busy society today?
  3. How does the concept fear contrast with altruism.  
  4. What is the ultimate measure of a man/woman?

Part II

  1. What is excessive altruism?
  2. Explain Dr. King’s concept of True Altruism.  (Pity vs. Sympathy)
  3. How does going the extra mile play into excessive altruism?
  4. What’s your take on the segregation and discrimination as described by Dr. King?

What was your takeaway from this chapter?

Is this chapter relevant for today?

Do any other scriptures come to mind regarding this chapter?

What is your prayer request after this study?